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JAMELO washable organic cottons

JAMELO washable organic cottons


Say goodbye to industrial cottons, you'll never look back with these  washable make-up remover cotton pads,  as cute as they are practical, they will quickly be adopted by your skin and that of your loved ones.


Cottons are created by hand  from fabric  organic bamboo with a  duration of use  unlimited.

The plus at JAMELO!  the small pocket for a  better handling of your  cotton during your  care.




Use : Wet  cotton before use (which allows you to use less product and have a much softer effect on the skin).  Pass  delicately  your cotton on the parts of the face to remove make-up.

Daily cleaning :  to clean your  cotton, rub with soap, rinse  - repeat until the cotton is clean. Dry at  open air &  use multiple times.

Machine cleaning :  put your cottons in a net, preferably with light linen (held from 40° to 90°)




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    Please note : if the model chosen is out of stock, a model will be sent to the nearest one. Thank you for your understanding.

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