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Who am I ?

Marine, creator and founder

Born of a French nurse mom and a Lebanese surgeon dad, I follow the path by obtaining a Scientific Baccalaureate and pursuing two years of higher education in optics.

This  it's only later that I take myself  of passion for well-being and natural cosmetics.

I then go back  8 months pregnant, diplomas training me in aesthetics and cosmetics.

JAMELO was born from a word of Lebanese origin that is used very frequently to evoke  the beauty.

He held me to  heart, too, that the cosmetic range keeps this name, hence JAMELOSKIN.

Believe me, going natural is a great option in life. You will never have done  such a good choice!


Procédures de beauté

About the  brand

Concerned about the well-being of your skin, we put all our know-how and knowledge into the development of natural and effective formulas that will be adopted by your skin. Softness but not only! We also put a lot of energy into the rendering of our creations because a product can be beautiful and natural at the same time.  JAMELOSKIN will be adopted by the whole family! 

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